14 thoughts on “Hubble Deep Field

  1. John Solitario

    The Hubble Deep Field enables humans to realize the unattainable vastness of space, a vastness the we as humans cannot even understand. This strenghtens the belief that their must be other life forms in the universe greater than our own making humans realize how minute we truly are. But yet again we do not waste our time fathoming such possibilities and proceed with our normal lives.

  2. Ryan Vogel

    That guy Carl Sagan, my mom personally knew him. She was his assistant, and writer. My mom has told me before that he held me when i was a baby. Food for thought, eh? Anyways, space is one of the most interesting things to me personally, you should focus on it this school year.

  3. Matthew Peters

    I enjoyed this video. The images are revolutionary and the concept that there are millions of other stars and galaxies is overwhelming – makes me think of how “small” we really are in comparison to the universe.
    Matthew Peters

  4. Clay Moore

    This video shows just how vast the universe is. It explained how the numbers are hard for average people to understand. I think it shows that Earth does not play as large of role as we believe in the universe.

  5. Mr. Crockett Post author

    It makes one think that the universe could be literally teeming with other life than here on Earth. Feels kind of lonely too.

  6. Ian Booton

    At first I was excited that so many chances for alien life exists. And then I was disappointed that they’d be too far away for us to reach, and I cried a bit on the inside. It is truly humbling though, seeing something like this. I only wish I could live long enough to see the universe properly explored.

  7. Jeremiah Willett

    The hubble images are amazing being the fact that they are so deep in space. The crazy thing of this video is how the universe is so big that no one could ever comprehend its size. It will be a millenia before we could actually explore the shere distance of the universe

    1. Mr. Crockett Post author

      Deep thoughts. I hope the day will come when the descendants of human-kind will be able to travel the universe and we don’t just cause our own extinction here on earth in the next 100 years.


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