20 thoughts on “The purest gold naturally forms crystals

  1. Charlie Ferrelle

    I have never seen anything like this, and I actually thought that pure gold was extremely fragile and soft. It is really cool how gold can crystallize on its own.

  2. A. Nguyen - BC

    That’s quite interesting actually. So if it forms crystals, doesn’t that mean that it will grow into larger amounts of gold? Also the picture gives off an abstract, sculpture-like feel… Art in Science!

  3. ryan r

    this website is crazy awesome. i enjoyed being on this amazing site. i feel i know more about chemistry than ever

  4. Kyle South

    At first glance this piece of gold looked like a sculpture or a peace of art you would find in a museum. It’s amazing how things can be transformed and stand for something such as how pure an element can be.

    1. Mr. Crockett Post author

      This is made by vacuum vapor deposition, which is the change of state of matter from a gas to a solid, like jack frost on a frosty morning.


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