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NASA Unveils a Newly-Discovered Lifeform . . . that feeds on ARSENIC!

NASA has discovered a new bacteria that feeds on arsenic—the first time a microorganism has used a toxic chemical for growth and life. It was found in the salty Mono Lake in California. It had previously been assumed that organisms need phosphorous to function, but the bacteria uses arsenic in its place.

Hey Top Chemists out there: What does Arsenic have in common with Phosphorous?

Source: The Daily Beast

Read more in the journal Nature.

Coolest New Space Pics

Coolest New Space Pics>Omega Nebula's Star Factory

Omega Nebula's Star Factory

Coolest New Space Pics.
Witness how stars are formed from vast clouds of protons, or hydrogen, the lightest element. Fusion, or the combination of elements such as hydrogen into heavier elements, is what powers stars. Eventually the high density of these newly-created elements will cause these stars to collapse under their own gravity and explode into supernovas.