Here’s an awesome video of the Thermite Reaction, Iron (III) Oxide and Aluminum

Here’s a sleep-inducing video about how to calculate the ideal amount of ingredients in the reaction. This is called stoichiometry.

2 thoughts on “Stoichiometry

  1. Hannah A. 1st.

    for the project, we found a website that converts the recipe for us… is that ok? or do you want us to show alllll the work?

    1. Mr. Crockett Post author

      This sounds like a ethical quandary. Let me think it through:

      I guess from my point of view, I just want you to become more familiar with the concepts of stoichiometry through something in your everyday experience. It’s not my goal for to you spend the days of your youth making train tracks. Feel free to use the website.

      Have a great weekend Hannah, Mallie and Evan!!


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